R&O Co

Let's Get Fluffy


We LOVE seeing new families getting fluffy. It's one of the most exciting parts of running an eco business that sells modern cloth nappies. 

Of course, there is an overwhelming amount of choice, styles, colours and more when it comes to choosing which nappies to purchase and of course there is the difference between inserts, all-in-ones, pocket nappies and the like. No wonder you poor Mumma's (or Daddy's) get stuck on how to start. 

We've developed a great starting bundle to help you understand the differences, get to know what you like, and of course, we've included a few extra bits to help get you through the first few tries. 

Our Let's Get Fluffy pack includes:

  • 3 x Modern Cloth Nappies
  • 2 x Microfleece Nappy Liners
  • 1 x Tuff Stuff Stain Remover Bar
  • 10% Off your next purchase 

We will help you choose a few nappies to get you started, we do suggest trying a few different styles and find a groove of what works for you. If you were hoping to try a specific nappy from our range, then please include it in the comments section of your order and if we have it in stock, they are all yours! Please note, that we may not always have the style and print of nappy you have requested, so make sure that you do only look at nappies that are currently in stock.