Bambooty OSFM Nappies

$24.95 $34.95

Bambooty One Size Nappies are great for new cloth bum mums.

They come as an "All in 2" style that's really easy to understand so you'd don't have to worry about learning the lingo or having to invest in multiple components to give it a try. They're trim to fit all babies, including the chunky ones! 

Bambooty One Size nappies include a thirsty suede top bamboo insert that is soft on little bums and easily snaps in and out of the nappy. The inserts are interchangeable boys and tummy sleepers. 

The smooth waterproof PUL of the shell comes in a fantastic range of prints. 

This range fits approx 4-17kgs so can keep you in cloth right through to toilet training!