Our Story

Hi there!

Just a little bit about us and how we came to be. I’m Hannah and my husband Tristan. We are pleased to share a little slice of our life with you.

There’s not much to us - typical four person family blessed with two bubbling babies, Ryder and Octavia. Ryder is our free spirited wild child and Octavia our soft natured princess.

We are all passionate about something, art, music, dancing, cars or sitting on a white sandy beach while listening to the waves dance on the shore. 

I’m passionate about leading a more sustainable lifestyle, so that I can leave a better world for my children and the generations to follow. Just like everyone else my journey started small. Recycling - that was my thing - just making sure that I recycled properly. Something so little, but has a large impact on our environment as the materials can go on to make 1000s of different items that can then be reused again. So whatever it was, clothes, toys, shoes - I would find a way to send them on to be repurposed and I enjoyed knowing I was making an impact.

Then, something magical happened, we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Ryder, who has taught us what the true meaning of life is. We soon realised what often comes with babies is a lot of single use items and a majority of reusable items sealed in non recycle packaging.

Our biggest push to make eco easy in our life was his beautiful sensitive skin, and you guessed it, his baby sister, Octavia, is exactly the same. So, in our home, we use all natural products.

You might have found your way here out of curiosity or because you like a product we have. You also may have been interested in making more eco friendly choices. Whatever your reason is, we want to thank you for your support for our little business and also hopefully we will be able to help make eco easy in your home too.

Love always xo